Danang, 2/28/2016

We escaped to Danang today. Hoi An became a trap when bike problems and Chinese visas conspire against us. Danang feels different. There is a dragon bridge that breathes fire. 

Tomorrow we hope to go to Chu Lai and run around a bit. But maybe I need a new tire, mechanics will own us soon. We hope to be in Hue on the second if the bikes hold up.… Read the rest

2/24/2016 Hoi An, VN

So here we are in Hoi An. Probably the tourist capital of Vietnam. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fai Fo, now Hoi An, started as a trading centre for China and India. The Japanese and Europeans came along and the place blossomed. Around 1700 the river silted up and ships couldn’t get in so the place lost its greatest asset for traders.… Read the rest

2/20/2016 Pleiku, VN

We left Boun Ma Thuot this morning. We arrived in Pleiku at 5 pm. A chain fell off and we got some oil changes. The road to here curved a couple times. The ride was not exciting but it was nice pavement and a wide shoulder for us. The scenery is coffee farms or rubber farms. Sometimes they are burning. Arriving in Pleiku happens gradually it sprawls out on the plains like Fargo.… Read the rest

2/17/2016 Lien Son, VN

We are in Lien Son tonight. Next to Dak Lake. We rode from Phan Rung on a crowded and pot holy, or smooth and empty road. We will arrive in Buon Me Thuot tomorrow. We might walk up a big rock on our way. Jill has a phone call so we have a schedule though. The bikes ran well today. Coy lost a blinker light cover but that’s it. Emperor Bao Dai had a palace here there is a lake and there are rice paddies.… Read the rest

February 15, 2016 Phan Rang, VN

We decided to stay in Phan Rung another night. The clutch cable broke on Jill’s bike and Coy’s bike starting dripping a lot of oil from the gear box. We took them to a mechanic and Coy got him to fix the lights as well. So here we are. Yesterday we went to a supermarket/department store called Coop Mart. And today we went to another called MaxiMark.… Read the rest

February in Vietnam 

It seems like we’ve been in Vietnam for weeks yet it has been only one. We arrived in Saigon with apprehension so thick and we had nothing to break through it with. Before the end of 48 hours we were motoring our way to the coast on temperamental motorcycles. I’ve ridden something like it in distant memory and Jill drove one never before.… Read the rest


We went to the New Year’s Fireworks in Brisbane last night. I feel as if I need some resolutions or reflections now. Last night as the fireworks flew, the crowd around us cheered and I felt like an outsider. Their excited joy didn’t infect me. We watched the movie Divergent to keep from falling asleep yesterday evening. Neither of us had seen it but Jill read the books a couple years ago.… Read the rest