3/1/2016 Da Nang, VN

We are back in Da Nang after a short jaunt to Chu Lai. The drive was harrowing on the highway. It was pleasant on the byway though. It rained on us a few times but we stayed dry in our plastic ponchos. We saw some of the pavement from the American military base which seems to be all that is left of it. We looked around for some war memorial and found nothing. The government likes to put up memorials of victories over the USA. We saw a couple of derelict bunkers today on our drive back and attracted the attention of a soldier for a minute. I think he was just bored and we are not very exciting. He disappeared after checking his phone. After some back country roads we came back to our Da Nang hotel, the Ken Hotel. Jill and I drove to the center of the city to Co Op Mart supermarket for some goodies, oh for exciting. We drove over the dragon bridge which is actually exciting. Tomorrow we are off to Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Coy got a new headlight bulb and I got one oil leak fixed today. Yesterday, I got a new front tire. 

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