1 Year and 14 Days

That’s how long it’s been since I posted anything here. It appears that I haven’t done anything because I didn’t put anything here. Time is funny online. If you were waiting for me to put something up since I put anything up then it’s been a long time. If you are just stumbling on  my blog somehow it is as if no time has passed.… Read the rest



Jill had a few days off so we decided to get over to Macau. It’s about an hour long ferry ride from Shenzhen. Macau is split in two. There is the peninsula bordering China and an island next to it connected by a couple bridges. Macau is the most densely populated place in the world because it is so small. It is also one of the most wealthy places in the world because it is the only place in all of China where gambling is legal.… Read the rest


On my Birthday, the weather was extremely hot. I carried around a parasol all day long. It served me a little but one needs a space suit AC unit here these days. I had breakfast and lunch with my lovely wife. Breakfast was delicious oatmeal ala Jill. She tried cooking diced apple with the oatmeal but we agreed the apple is much better added after cooking because its flavor disappeared in the process.

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Langkawi Island, Malaysia

We arrived here in the dark and stayed in a hotel room with 2 single beds. The breaker box buzzed all night masking a few marauding mosquitos. The next day we walked to a restaurant called the Red Tomato for breakfast. Jill discovered oatmeal on the menu and we both ordered it. It was hot the coffee was hot. It’s almost unbearably hot here.… Read the rest

Kuala Lumpur 

  Has it been so long? Jill and I made it to Malaysia. Before leaving Vietnam we managed to fall in love with it. I even got a goodbye kiss on my calf from a hot tailpipe. It doesn’t quite match the greeting kiss I got on my other ankle when we arrived. That’s all in the past though. We are making a short term nest in Kuala Lumpur.… Read the rest

3/4/2016 P’rao, VN

Today I drove through sunshine, jungle, through mountains, and over rivers. We were 4 km from Laos at one point. We’ve ended the day in a village called P’rao. A couple Canadians on a trip shared a little rice liquor with us. We chatted about travels and Vietnam. They’ve been to Myanmar and Thailand. I can hardly wait to visit there someday.… Read the rest