Tempe, AZ USA

This is Tempe in the summer. It is blazing hot outside and relatively hot indoors. It’s a little too hot for me. We’ve been here for one week staying with our friends Rob and Leah who just moved here from Norfolk. We stayed with them on our other road trip to Florida. Because of the heat we have been staying inside mostly.… Read the rest

Flagstaff, Arizona

We rolled into Flagstaff to a Taco Tuesday party at Martine’s house. We found Lucia and Penelope already there visiting for soccer camp. Exciting to see cousins and their kin after too long absent.

How do I recount so much we’ve done since Marathon, a montage, I think.
it rains in the desert when we are there. Big Bend is the only national park encompassing an entire mountain range.… Read the rest

Notes From Texas

Here we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We’ve been traveling frantically it feels like since Florida. Florida seems like a long time ago. Houston Space Center was well worth the $20 plus ticket. We saw the Saturn rocket, space gadgets, and the first control room. They used it through 1990 or so and then restored back to 1969 technology. After eating a delicious Vietnamese sandwich at Thien An restaurant downtown we moved on to Austin. We stayed in Austin for a couple days and found it to be remarkably similar to Minneapolis.… Read the rest