5/27/2015 Houston Texas USA

We are in Houston staying with some kind couch hosts for the night. They have 3 cats and 3 dogs. We have one cat at the foot of the bed tonight. We visited the USS Texas today then came here and have been chatting with our hosts ever since. Tomorrow we go to the space center and Austin.  Yesterday we stayed in Ocean Spring and bought a Trac phone.… Read the rest

5/20/2015 Pine Island, Florida, USA

The Manatee Rehab Center in Iquitos was amazing. I got to feed baby manatees that were being prepared for release back into the Amazon. They also had a bunch of monkeys and a few Macaws. ¬†We went back to Lima the next day. I meant to put up something about our time in Lima. We explored more of the Barranco neighborhood and visited the largest fountain park in the world by the national stadium.… Read the rest

5/13/2015 Iquitos, Peru

This is Iquitos. The internet stinks. Jill and I are raring to jump back to the U.S. but Peru continues to surprise us. Iquitos is a dirty, loud, pushy city on the doorstep of the largest river in the world and the largest rainforest in the world. Iquitos has a few pockets of charm though. It’s river walk is full of it.Read the rest

5/3/2015 El Chaco, Peru

We took a bus from Ica to Pisco yesterday. Then we jumped in a Combi van to El Chaco. The Combi takes you past some fish factories.  You’re lucky if the diesel exhaust outweighs the sour fish smell. El Chaco was a small fishing village that has become gentrified. There is a sidewalk along the water for a couple miles. It starts in the town’s restaurants and souvenir shops and wanders into a few nice resorts with green lawns.Read the rest