4/16/2015 Arequipa, Peru

We’ve been in Arequipa for a week. I was sick for a couple days. The weather here is beautiful now. We must’ve arrived for the last day of the rainy season. We arrived at our hostel in the evening to a large welcoming committee. Julianne and Junior had organized some Uno in the kitchen. Jill and I were rather exhausted from a 10 hour bus ride that should’ve been 8.… Read the rest

4/1/2015 Lima

Jill and I went to see the movie Insurgent last night. Here, it is called Insurgente but it was in English with Spanish subtitles. That was kind of weird. We haven’t been to a movie theater since we were in Florida in October. Theaters are like sensory deprivation tanks. Encompassed by the movie’s sensations, I was transported back to the USA for a couple hours.… Read the rest