3/29/2015 Lima

The mall in Miraflores is quite the place. It is called Larcomar and it is built into the side of the bluff facing the ocean. It was foggy when we were there but the view is still breathtaking. Jill and I browsed the many stores catering to travelers and hikers. We coveted it all but bought nothing. Going down the street we ate at a restaurant called Punto Azul.Read the rest

3/28/2015 Lima







 It’s the end of our full day 2 here. The toilets don’t really have a spiral to there flush at all, just downward. I can’t help but wonder if they would spiral if nudged to do so. 

Lima keeps impressing us. Yesterday we found our way downtown on the bus. We arrived at the Presidential palace and happened upon the changing of the guard.… Read the rest

3/24/2015 Medellin

We leave here tomorrow, Medellin is a nice town. We haven’t done a lot. We ate at some restaurants. Mostly cheap and good vegetarian restaurants. In most of the places we’ve been vegetarian places have the best food. Someone who starts a vegetarian or vegan restaurant does so because they’ve got really good food to share with people. Medellin has twelve vegetarian restaurants that we know of.… Read the rest

3/21/2015 Medellin 

Yesterday we moved to this little apartment that we get all to ourselves. Jill is putting the kitchen to good use. We have a television. We are near the river and it constantly sounds like it is raining. Sometimes it is raining. Today I studied Spanish most the morning using Duolingo. This afternoon we walked to a mall and looked around for a while.Read the rest

3/16/2015 Bogota

Sunday we found the Ciclovia. Bogota shuts down a few of the big streets on Sundays. Then thousands of people come out biking. It is a lively scene with street vendors, performers, and protestors. Jill and I wandered over to the National museum. Another great thing about Bogota is  many museums are free on Sundays. The national museum tells the story of Colombia from its first people until today.… Read the rest

3/14/2015 Bogota 

We switched from the Art Deco shabby hotel Aragon today for the cozier Hostel Casu. It was a good switch. We went to the Gold Museum for most of the day. We took a break for lunch at the fabulous Quinoa and Amarinth restaurant and both had the vegetarian meal of the day. Three courses are not too bad, but it has yet to top the Girasole restaurant in Cartagena.… Read the rest

3/13/2015 Bogota

Let’s see, we flew to Bogota and found our way to our hotel. We ate supper at some fancy burger place. Today we tried to deal with the camera but that kind of failed. We also moved to the touristy part of town. We walked around this place a bit it rained for 30 minutes or so really hard. We donned our rain gear.Read the rest