2/27/2015 San Jose

We tried to get the camera fixed yesterday. When we picked it up this morning all we got was a diagnosis. It needs a new circuit board somewhere. We’re getting good at riding the train though. In a couple hours we get to get on a bus for 18 hours and end up in Panama City. San Jose is a wonderful city and we will be back for a bit in a couple months. 

Panama apparently wants to know we aren’t bums.… Read the rest

2/25/2015 San Jose

Today is Ben’s birthday. Jill wanted to do something special. We went for a walk to a couple of parks, and the National Library of Costa Rica. We stumbled upon a tiny caf√© with delicious sandwiches. It also had a parakeet that wouldn’t stop singing a dog that laid down under my chair and happy people stepping in and out. We took the train to a mall and wandered around there for a while.… Read the rest

2/16/2015 Antigua

Today is our last in Antigua for a time. Of course the day is gorgeous. The sky is brilliant blue. The volcanoes are clear of clouds. So, I’m watching Fuego puff it’s puffs. Agua sits to the south stretching upwards like the earth slowly trying to invade heaven.
Soon we will go find bus tickets for our journey south. We leave Guatemala behind, something seen, something done, future fodder for small talk with strangers.… Read the rest