1/31/2015 Antigua

Yesterday, Jill got some new blog cards printed. We also visited Dyslexia bookstore. A tiny place with lots of Antigua connections. I asked about the book Kabloona but he didn’t have it. It’s about a gentleman that lives with the Inuit in Canada for about a year in 1920 or thereabouts. Kabloona means white man in Inuit. Jim, the proprietor of Dyslexia, wrote an article about it in La Cuadra.… Read the rest

1/29/2015 Antigua, Guatemala

We’ve been having tons of fun here since our first day. I can’t remember what day we arrived on. The day after we arrived we found a lovely place for the right price. Since then we’re enjoying our practically private rooftop patio and finding delicious restaurants. On Tuesday we went on a walking tour. We learned, really just confirmed, that Antigua has little in common with the rest of Guatemala.… Read the rest

1/21/2015 Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

We’ve been here for a day and a half. It’s a working city. It’s been fun. We’ve been walking around looking around. Yesterday we went to the mall and MegaPaca in the morning. Jill finally bought a little jacket that should keep her warmer. I found some nice shoes for hiking up volcanoes and such. In the afternoon we went to a hot spring called Fuentas Georginas.… Read the rest

1/17/2015 San Cristobal and Chapas de Corzo

Yesterday was the last day of Spanish school. We also tried to go to the Moxviquil orchid garden but it was closed already. So we went to the Mayan Medicine Museum. We watched a movie and learned about a Mayan birth. The midwife prays and drinks soda to assure a healthy baby. There is also some Pox spitting. The momma can’t eat onions or avocados for three months because it will make the baby sick.… Read the rest

1/15/2015 San Cristobal

1/15/2015 San Cristobal

We did some laundry yesterday. Jill froze without her dirty layers. We went to school. We studied. We learned. Jill continues to get over her cold. Jill made tuna pesto spaghetti. I had suggested tuna pesto oatmeal noodles but thankfully that was voted down. Last night we tried the local moonshine Pox, pronounced, posh. We had teeny cups of it that were accompanied by orange slices and chocolate truffles.… Read the rest