Jill had a few days off so we decided to get over to Macau. It’s about an hour long ferry ride from Shenzhen. Macau is split in two. There is the peninsula bordering China and an island next to it connected by a couple bridges. Macau is the most densely populated place in the world because it is so small. It is also one of the most wealthy places in the world because it is the only place in all of China where gambling is legal.… Read the rest


We went to the New Year’s Fireworks in Brisbane last night. I feel as if I need some resolutions or reflections now. Last night as the fireworks flew, the crowd around us cheered and I felt like an outsider. Their excited joy didn’t infect me. We watched the movie Divergent to keep from falling asleep yesterday evening. Neither of us had seen it but Jill read the books a couple years ago.… Read the rest

7/11/2015 Portland, Oregon

We made it to Portland last night. It’s feels like years since Sacramento. Jill and I spent ten days apart at the same meditation camp. There was no speaking or interaction allowed between the men and the women or with anyone for that matter. I think I am still pondering what I got out of it. Jill wrote all about her experience.… Read the rest

Flagstaff, Arizona

We rolled into Flagstaff to a Taco Tuesday party at Martine’s house. We found Lucia and Penelope already there visiting for soccer camp. Exciting to see cousins and their kin after too long absent.

How do I recount so much we’ve done since Marathon, a montage, I think.
it rains in the desert when we are there. Big Bend is the only national park encompassing an entire mountain range.… Read the rest