2/16/2015 Antigua

Today is our last in Antigua for a time. Of course the day is gorgeous. The sky is brilliant blue. The volcanoes are clear of clouds. So, I’m watching Fuego puff it’s puffs. Agua sits to the south stretching upwards like the earth slowly trying to invade heaven.
Soon we will go find bus tickets for our journey south. We leave Guatemala behind, something seen, something done, future fodder for small talk with strangers.… Read the rest

12/25/2014 Coban, Guatemala

Christmas Day here brought more fireworks at noon. I’m not sure why, but midnight and noon were special Christmas firework times. I didn’t do a lot today. I fiddled with the low-flow toilet for a while  but I don’t think I adjusted the flushes correctly. Jill and I watched Gran Torino and The Watchmen on Netflix. The Watchmen is a bloody movie, I forgot that from the first time I saw it.… Read the rest